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Back in the year 2000 I thought it might be interesting to set up a family history website.  I have for quite a few years been slowly building up a considerable archive of information on many of my ancestors and so publishing on the web seemed an ideal way to make this information more freely available to anyone else who may have an interest.  In addition I was keen to learn a bit about how websites are constructed and published.  Setting up this website was an ideal way to achieve all of these objectives.

In its early stages the home page consisted of a list of ancestors and linked to this was a number of separate pages giving biographies of some of these people.  The site has steadily grown over the years as more information has come to light and as time has allowed.  In addition to the ancestors, I have been steadily adding pages for their relatives and supplementary pages containing general notes on the places where they lived, their friends and any other information that I felt might be of interest.

If you have any comments to make or if you have any additional information regarding any of the people listed, please feel free to contact me on jj@jjhc.info .  In particular help is needed to transcribe a large number of family diaries and letters.  If you would be interested in helping with this project please contact me.

The following list, is in three parts.  The first part is a list of ancestors and their relatives.  The second part, which is towards the bottom of this page, is a list of associated information (friends, estates, letters, diaries, library lists, portraits ...).  The third part at the bottom of the page is a list of bookplates.

In some cases I know very little about these individuals except for the odd obscure reference to their existence gleaned from documents here and there.  In a small number of cases I have been lucky enough to have found quite a considerable amount of information and where possible I have listed what I think may be of interest to other people (click on names for more information, if high-lighted).  My intention is to gradually add to the following list as more information becomes available (and as time permits).

I have also included some information about the family estate of Linley Wood (Talke, Staffordshire) which was lived in by the Caldwell family from about 1790 through to 1949 when the whole estate was sold and the contents dispersed.

If you are visiting this website for the first time, may I suggest that, from the following list, you consider clicking on James Heath the Engraver or Anne Marsh Caldwell the Author or James Caldwell of Linley Wood.  Good luck.

Who am I?  For a very brief overview please click JJ Heath-Caldwell.


List of Ancestors and Relatives

Mary Abben (nee Heath), of Coldharbour, Surrey, 1923-2008

Aldgitha daughter of Uchtred Earl of Northumberland, Scotland, 10??-10??

William Alpe of Little Dunham, late 1400s -1530?

Alice Alpe of Little Dunham,  late 1400s - early 1500s.

Thomas Alpe early 1500s to late 1500s.

William Alpe of Dunham, mid 1500s - 1613?

Mary Alpe, of Dunham, mid 1500s - early 1600s.

Richard Alpe of Narford, Yeoman, late 1500s - 1645?

Ann Alpe of Narford, late 1500s - mid 1600s.

Robert Alpe of Fransham Parva, early 1600s - mid 1600s.

Judith Alpe (nee Barker) of Fransham Parva, early 1600s - late 1600s

Robert Alpe of Fransham Parva, Norfolk 1653?-1702

Priscilla Alpe (nee Pretheroe), of Fransham Parva, ?-1695

Philip Alpe of Fransham Parva, Norfolk, 1678?-1735

Hammond Alpe of Fransham Parva, Norfok 1709-1767

Louisa Cuthbert Armfelt (nee Brooke) of Finland, 1801-1865

 Sophie Maud Axford nee Harrision 1914-1991

Dora Alice  Jones, then Bailey (nee Bloor), 1901-1990

Lord Ogilvy Banff 15??-16??

Notes relating to the Barnard Family

Mrs Barou, Miniature Portrait Painter of St Alban's Street, Pall Mall, London 1800

Bernard Barton, Quaker Poet of Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1784-1849

The Aphra Behn Portrait

Fanny Bellman nee Harvey of Norfolk and Suffolk,1784-1867

Thomas Bentley, partner of Josiah Wedgwood, 1730-1780.  The Thomas Bentley Portrait.

Hannah Maria Bernard (nee Heath), 1782-1865

Charlotte Blake-Humphrey nee Harvey, 1809-188?

Harriot Blakiston nee Harvey, 1803-1886

Daniel Bloor of Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, 1828-1905

Edward Allen Bloor of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, 1861-1946

Ellen Bloor (nee Osborne), of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, 1866-1954

Hilda Frances Boles (nee Crofton), 1894-1943

Sir Jack Dennis Boles,  Director General of the National Trust 1975-1983, born 1925

Adriaen Frans Boudewijns 1644-1711 and Pieter Bout 1658-1719, landscape and figure painters

Mary Brentnall (nee Crompton) 1653-????

 Samuel Brentnall 1681

Abraham Brentnall 1685-????

Mathew Brisbane, Church Minister, 1594?-1650?

Mathew Brisbane, Doctor, 16??-16??

Robina Brisbane (nee Lindsay), 16??-16??

Helen Brisbane (nee Napier), 16??-1675?

Ada Randolf Broadwood (nee Heath), 1860-1957

Stewart Henry Tschudi Broadwood 1888-1926

Leopold Alfred Broadwood 1890-1980

Deborah Sarah Bromehead (nee Crompton), 1818-1897

Edward Bodham, Swaffham, Norfolk, 16??-17??

Susanna Bodham, Swaffham, Norfolk, 16??-17??

Alexander Earl of Buchan 12??-????

Marjory Buchan 12??-????

Emily Mary Buxton (nee Holland), 182?-1908

Sir Sydney Charles Buxton 1st Earl, 1853-1934

Charles Sydney Buxton, 1890ish-1910ish

James Caldwell of Scotland, Nantwich, 17??-1791

Hannah Caldwell, Nantwich, 17??-1794

James Caldwell, Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, Lawyer, 1759-1838.  Letters and notes of James Caldwell and Anne Marsh Caldwell 1780-1809 1810-219 1820-29 1830-38  Diaries D1770-1808 D1809-11 D1813-21 D1807-08 D1821-25 D1825-27 D1827-29 D1829-33 D1833-37Diaries and Notes on Pottery Experiments: James CaldwellNotes relating to William Bent and James Caldwell.  Linley Wood Estate.  List of the contents of Linley Hall in 1925.  Linley Wood Estate.  List of the contents of the library

Elizabeth Caldwell (nee Stamford), Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, 1754-1831

Elizabeth Caldwell (Bessy, Betty), 1766?-1842

James Stamford Caldwell, MA, Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, Lawyer, 1787-1858

Mary Caldwell Talke, Linley Wood, 1789-1813

Elizabeth Mary Cathcart (nee Crompton), 1825?-1902

Henry Coape (1704-1778), of Duffield Hall, Derbyshire, Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1703

Margaret Collins (nee Helsham-Jones), 1876-1951

Richard Arthur (Dick) Collins  1903-1972

Christopher William Edward Collins 1909-1994

Fanny Corbould (nee Heath), 1813-1850

Crinan the Thane, Scotland, 966?-10??

Maldred, son of Crinan the Thane, Scotland, 1004-1066?

Elizabeth Crisp (nee Marsh), 1735-1785

Burrish Crisp of Calcutta, India, 1762-1811

Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA of Lakefield County Leitrim, Ireland, 1818-1897

Francis Mary Crofton (nee Marsh), 1820-1906

Captain Duke Arthur Crofton RN, 1850-1917

Maj Richard Martin Crofton RHA, 1854-1899

Major Caldwell Henry Crofton 1856-1947

Marion Emma Crofton (nee Heath), 1856-1949

Capt Richard Cecil Milman Crofton MC, 1895-1941

James Crompton, of Brightmet, Bolton-Lee-Moors, Lancaster, 1554?-1600?

Abraham Crompton, of Brightmet, Bolton-Lee-Moors, Lancaster, 1580?-1638?

Henry Crompton, 1607-16??

John Crompton, Church Minister, 1611?-1669

John Crompton, Church Minister of Cockey,1639-1703

Abraham Crompton, Derby, Wool Merchant, 1640ish-1724 or 1734

Samuel Crompton, Dissenting Church Minister of Doncaster, 1650?-1734

James Crompton, Breighmet, Bolton-Lee-Moors, Lancaster, 1674-1745

Samuel Crompton, Banker of Derby, 1679-1757

John Crompton, Chorley Hall, Lancaster, Lancashire, 1682-1750

Joshua Crompton, 171?-1770

Samuel Crompton, Banker of Derby, 1714-1782

Elizabeth Crompton (nee Fox), Derby, 1718?-1789?

John Crompton, 1722-1780?

Samuel Crompton, Banker of Derby, 1750-1810

John Crompton, 1753-1834

Abraham Crompton, 1757-1829

Peter Crompton, 1760?-1833

Samuel Crompton, Member of Parliament for Derby,1785-1849

John Bell Crompton, Banker, Irongate, Derby, 1785-1860

Gilbert Crompton, 1786-1844

Sir Charles Crompton, Judge, 1797-1865

John Gilbert Crompton, Banker, 1819-1913

George Crompton  1823-1897

Henry Crompton, 1836-1904

Paul Crompton, who died in the sinking of the SS Lusitania, 1871-1915

Robert Crowe, Swaffham, Norfolk, 16??-1725

Anna Crowe (nee Bodham), Swaffham, Norfolk, 1690-1727

Robert Crowe, Swaffam, Norfolk, Solicitor, 1710-1786

Alice Crowe (nee Alp), Hardingham Hall, Norfolk. Swaffam, Norfolk, 1713?-1777

Rev Henry Crowe, Stoke Ferry and Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk.  Church Minister, 1741-1816

Elizabeth Crowe (nee Haylett), of Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk, 17?-1779

Philip Crowe Swaffham, Norfolk, Solicitor, 17?-1828

Rev Henry Crowe  Vicar of Buckingham, 1769-1851

Lt Charles Crowe Coddenham, Suffolk, Soldier, 1785-1855. 'Peninsular Journal' of Charles Crowe (1785-1855) Vol 1  Vol 2The Eloquent Soldier

Philip Crowe Hartley House, Coulsdon, Surrey, 1779-1831. Diary of Philip Crowe, India 1799-1812.  Hartley House, Coulsdon.

John Cuthbert of Castlehill (Castle Hill) Inverness, 1668?-17??.  Paintings of Mr & Mrs John Cuthbert.

John Cuthbert Herrington, Durham, Sergent at Law, Recorder of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1675-1724. Paintings of Mr & Mrs John Cuthbert.  Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores  Carter Pedigree

William Cuthbert Witton Castle, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Barrister at Law and Recorder of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1691?-1746

George Cuthbert Castlehill Inverness 1700-1748

George Cuthbert MD Physician of Portsmouth Garrison 1706?-1772

Arthur Cuthbert Woodcote Hall, Surrey, England and Madras, India, 1734?-1788

William Cuthbert of Nubbock Hexham 1737-1782

Lewis Cuthbert Castlehill Inverness, Jamaica, Cleveland Bristol, Attorney and Slave Trader, 1737-1802

Sarah Cuthbert nee Hopkins Woodcote Hall, Surrey, England and Madras, India, 1744?-1777

Alexander Cuthbert of Old Burlington Street, Middlesex,1741?-1813?

James Ramsay Cuthbert Grosvenor Square, London,1776-1821

Frederic John Cuthbert Epsom, Surrey, 1801-1805 

James William Cuthbert 1805-1874

Elizabeth Dalton (nee Crowe), Swaffham, Norfolk, 1712-1797

Francis Dalton Swffham, Norfolk, 1738-1767

Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire, 1745-1828

Lady Mary Helen Dashwood 1763-1796

Marianne Day nee Harvey 1786-1812

Madeline Marion de Salis (nee Heath), 1892-1978

Gerard De Visme 1725-1797

Harriet Dollman (nee Heath), 1789-18??

Gospatric the 1st Earl, Dunbar, Scotland, 1037-1100?

Gospatricus comes frater Dolfini, 2nd Earl, Dunbar, Scotland, 1070?-113?

Gospatricus comes fillus Gospatrici comitis fratris Dolfini, 3rd Earl, Dunbar, Scotland, 1104?-1166

Waltheuus 4th Earl, Dunbar, Scotland, 1131?-1180?

Patricius comes filius Waldeul comitis Dunbar 5th Earl, Scotland, 1161?-1232

Patricius comes de Dunbar 6th Earl, Scotland, 1186-1249

Patricius comes de Dunbar 7th Earl, Scotland, 1213-1289

Patricius de Dunbar comes Marchie 8th Earl of March, Dunbar, Scotland, 1243-1308

Patricius de Dunbar comes Marchie Earl of March & Moray, Dunbar, Scotland, 1284-13??

Anges Dunbar (nee Ranulph) (Black Agnes), Dunbar, Scotland128?-13??

John Dunbar Earl of Murray,1330?-1393ish?

Alexander Dunbar, 1373-1421 or 1422

Maude Dunbar (nee Fraser), Frendraught, 13??-14??

James Dunbar Earl of Murray, Frendraught, 1???-1442

Lady Elizabeth Dunbar (1425-1494)

Sir Alexander Dunbar, Westfield, Morayshire, MP, 1425-1497?

Isabel Dunbar (nee Innes), Frendraught, 14??-14??

Alexander Dunbar, Durris, 14??-1527

David Dunbar, Durris, 14??-1521

Robert Dunbar, Durris, 15??-15??

David Dunbar, Durris, 15??-15??

Janet Dunbar (nee Rose), Durris, 15??-15??

Ninian Dunbar, Grangehill, 15??-16??

Isabella Dunbar (nee Falconer), Durris, 15??-16??

Mark Dunbar, Durris, 15??-164?

David Dunbar, Kirkhill, St Andrew's Parish, Dunkinty Estate, 16??-1691

Margery Dunbar (nee Seton), Kirkhill, St Andrew's Parish, Dunkinty Estate, 16??-16??

Marion Dunbar (nee Ogilvy), Grangehill, 16??-16??

John Dunbar, Kinkorth, Tutor of Grangehill, 16??-17??

Mary Dunbar (nee Urquhart), Kinkarth, 16??-17??

Robert Dunbar, Ballinspink, Fordyce Parish, Banfshire, Church Minister of Dyke, 170?-17??

Jean Dunbar (nee Miller), Ballinspink, Fordyce Parish, Banfshire, 17??-17??

William Dunbar, Finch Lane, London, 1745-1800

Jane Dunbar (nee Morthland), 1747-1815

Lieut Matthew Charles Dunbar, 1789-1819

Mary Duval (nee Marsh), 1712-17??

Sir Alexander Falconer, Halkerton, 15??-15??

Henry Fauntleroy executed for fraud, 1785?-1825

Emma Louisa Forbes, nee Whatman, 1854-1945

Thomas Forby, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk early 1700s to late 1700s.

Susan Forby nee Harvey, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk,1732-1824

Robert Forby, of Fincham, Norfolk, 1759-1825

Rev Charles Fowler of Southwell Nottinghamshire 1773?-1841

Harriet Fowler (nee Heath), 1798-1890

Madame Anne Gabiou nee Marsh 1792 - 1870

George Graham, of Jamacia, India and later of Kinross Scotland, 1730-1801

John Graham, of Calcutta, Bengal, India, 1741-1775

Mary Graham nee Shewen   1737?-1798 

Thomas Graham, of Calcutta, Bengal, India and later of Kinross, Scotland 1752-1819

Col George Edward Graham (later Foster Pigott) died 1831?

Elizabeth Hacker (nee Crompton), 1678-1757

Hannah Hacker 1713-1752?

Mary Moore Marjoribanks Hall (nee Heath), 1894-19??

Caroline Hamilton (nee Heath), 1784-18??

Lady Genesta Mary Hamilton (nee Heath), 1899-1990

Julia Anna Harrison (nee Heath), Moorhurst, Holmwood, and Garlands, Ewhurst, Surrey, 1807-1879

Commander Matthew James Harrison RN, 1846?-1926

Lt Comd Thomas Edmund Harrison 1879-1914

Sir Geoffrey Wedgwood Harrison 1908-1990

Bibby Hartford, Attorney at Law, Mayor of Kilkenny, 1727-1788

William Hartford, Grange Estate, Ireland, 1771-1831

Captain Augustus Henry Hartford, Ireland, 1802-1890

Robert Harvey, Beachamwell, Norfolk, died 1678

William Harvey, Beachamwell, Norfolk, 1633-1700ish

Robert Harvey, Hilborough, Norfolk, 1668? or 1664?-1740?

Robert Harvey, Beachamwell, Norfolk, 1642-1695

Robert Harvey, Norfolk, 16??-1720

John Harvey, Norwich, 1666-1742

John Harvey Coldecott House, Beachamwell, Norfolk,1689?-1742

Robert Harvey, Norwich 1697-1773

Lydia Harvey nee Black Norwich 1699-1759

John Harvey Ipswich 1699-1750

Lieut John Harvey RN, Norfolk, 1700ish to mid 1700ish

Robert Harvey, Grocer of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk,1700-1756

Mary Harvey nee Wheasenham, 1701?-1777

William Harvey, Rector of the Church of St Martin, Fincham, Norfolk, 1695?-1786

Edward Harvey, Watton, Norfolk, ????-1771

Peter Harvey, Norwich,1709-1751

Elizabeth Harvey (nee Blyford), Norwich, 1717?-1741

Thomas Harvey Norwich, 1711-1772

Lydia Harvey (nee Ives) Norwich, 1718-1804

Robert Harvey Surgeon of Beachamwell and Stoke Ferry, Norfolk,1727-1754

Robert Harvey,1730-1816

Judith Harvey Onley 1730-1810

Dr William Harvey, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, Surgeon in the Navy, 1732-1803

Jeremiah Ives Harvey, Catton, Norwich, 1746-1814

Thomas Harvey, Catton, Norwich, 1748-1819

Robert Harvey, Esq, Wool Merchant of Watton, Norfolk, 1750-1820

Robert Harvey, of Norwich 1753-1820

John Harvey of Thorpe, Norwich,1755-1842

Frances Harvey nee Kerrison of Thorpe, Norwich, 1765-1809

Charles Harvey, of Norwich and Stisted Hall, Essex 1756-1843

Henry Harvey of Beccles, Suffolk, 1781-1862

Capt George Frederick Harvey of Catton, Norwich, Norfolk, 1785-1847

Maj Gen Sir Robert John Harvey, Mousewood House, Norwich,1785-1860

Dame Charlotte Mary Harvey, Mousewood House, Norwich, 1793- 1869

George Harvey, Norwich and London, 1793-1831

Roger Kerrison Harvey  Thorpe, Norwich and Bath, 1802-1882

Sir Robert John Harvey 1817-1870

John Harvey Norfolk, 1822?-1874?

Colonel John Edmund Julius Harvey 1827-1869

Edward Kerrison Harvey, Norwich & Lowestoft, 1826-1906

John Robert Harvey of Holmwood, Thorpe, Norfolk, 1861-1921

Joseph Heath (senior), Long Row, Nottingham, Book Seller, 16??-177?

Hannah Heath, 16??-177?

George Heath, Newgate Street, London, Book Seller, Stationer, 1724-1773

William Heath, Hosier, High Sheriff of Nottingham, 1725-1786

Mary Heath (Mrs Jacob), Newgate Street, London, 17??-17??

John Heath, 1754-????

James Heath ARA, Russell Place, Fitzroy Square, London, Engraver, 1757-1834.  John Hughes: Piping BoyTriumphs of Temper,  Pleasures of HopeHeath's Shakespeare

Eliza Heath (nee Thomas), later Eliza Wilson, 17??-1835

Mrs Heath, Mary Phillipson (1757-1819)

Joseph Heath, 1764-1844

George Heath, Builder, 1766-1821

George Heath, Kitlands, Holmwood, Surrey and 34 Montague Place, Russel Square, London, Lawyer, 1779-1852, France Journal.

Ann Raymond Heath (nee Dunbar), Kitlands, Holmewood, Surrey, 1787-1842

Charles Heath, London, Engraver, 1785-1848  Perkins Bacon & Co (printers of early postage stamps and bank notes), Pleasures of HopeFirst bank note.

Eliza Heath (nee Killingley), 1785-1812

William Tyler Heath, 1787-1852

Matilda Sophia Heath (nee Heath), 1792-1864

Rev John Moore Heath, Millard, Liphook, Hampshire, 1808-1882

Marianne Heath (nee Harman) 1816-1888

Douglas Denon Heath, Kitlands, Coldharbour, Surrey, 1811-1897

Rev Dunbar Isidore Heath, Brading, Isle of Wight, Esher, Surrey 1816-1888.  'Exodus Papyri' by Heath.  Burder verse Heath.

Emily Mary Heath (nee Harrison), Brading, Isle of Wight, Esher, Surrey 18??-1897

Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath KCB, RN, Anstie Grange, Holmwood, Surrey, 1817-1907.  Hong Kong Harbour as seen from the Anchorage, drawn by LG Heath of HMS Iris, 1846.

Mary Emma, Lady Heath (nee Marsh), Anstie Grange, Holmwood, Surrey, 1826-1902

William Heath, of Mexico, 1824-1858

Henry Charles Heath, Miniature Painter to Queen Victoria, 1829-1898

George Heath, 1847-1923

Martha Charlotte Heath nee Schmidt 1864-1951

Rev Douglas Leopold Heath, 1849-1926

James Dunbar Heath, 1853-1936

Arthur Raymond Heath, 1854-1943

Cuthbert Eden Heath,  1859-1939

Sarah Caroline Gore Heath nee Gambier 1859-1944

Admiral Sir Herbert Leopold Heath, 1861-1954

Major-General Sir Gerard Moore Heath,  1863-1929

Sir Henry Frank Heath, Fellow University College, London 1863-1946

Ernest Dudley Heath, Artist and Author 1867-1945

Hugh Lionel Heath, Principle of Mayo School, Lahore, 1871-1938

Rev Douglas Montague Heath, 1881-1961

Rev Cyril Moore Penkivil Heath, 1882-1951

Rev Raymond Audley Dunbar Heath, 1884-1962

Capt Raymond Leopold Grieg Heath, 1885-1915

Lt Col Frederick Dunbar Heath, 1889-1954

Roland Heath, 1889-1975

Cmdr John Moore Heath, 1891-1944

Rosamond Heath, 1893-1970

Leopold Cuthbert Heath, 1894-1966

Philip George Heath MC, 1895-1976

Maj Gen Gerard "Bill" Heath, 1897-1980

Graham Douglas Heath, 1899-1969

Prof (Peter) Oscar Victor Sayer Heath, 1903-1997

Air Marshall Sir Maurice Lionel Heath, 1909-1998

Wilfred Ian Heath, Engineer, of London, 1921-2004

John Moore Heath, Soldier, Diplomat, Biblophile and Author, 1922-2009 Mexican Maritime Mail  Mexico the 1868 IssueThe Heath Engravers

Anthony Greatrex Dunbar Heath of Southampton, 1923-2007

Michael Heath 1925-1975

Sir Mark Evelyn Heath, Diplomat, of Bath, 1927-2005

Major General Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell CB, RE, Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire, 1858-1945

Constance Mary Helsham Heath-Caldwell (nee Helsham-Jones), Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire, 1869-1957

Rev Capt Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell RN DSC, 1889-1979.  Letters and notes of Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell  Diary of Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell.

Martin Frederick Heath-Caldwell RHA, 1893-1915

Violet Charlotte Mary Heath-Caldwell (nee Palmer), 1885-1971

JJ Heath-Caldwell, born 1959

John Theodore Heins, 1697-1756, Portrait Painter of Norwich

Henry Linhooke Helsham, Surgeon, of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, 1736-1805 The Hall, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk  The Old Chemist Shop, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk  All Saint's Church, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk

Ann Helsham (nee Harvey), 1730-1793

Henry Helsham, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, Doctor, 1767-1806

Katharine Helsham (nee Crowe) (Catharine), Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, 1773-1816

Dr Arthur Helsham 1795-1875

George Helsham, Doctor of Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1806-1836

Dr Hector Helsham , Yarmouth and Bournemouth, 1825-1910

Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones RE, Vigo then Redlands then Moorfields, Holmwood, Surrey, Royal Engineers, 1838-1920

Elizabeth Jane Jones (nee Hesketh), 1842-1869

Mary Littledale Helsham-Jones (nee Greenwood, Mrs Rohde Hawkins), of Redlands, Holmwood, Surrey, 18??-1913

Arthur Helsham-Jones, Tickton, Yorkshire, then Pinner, then Cithams, Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex , then Tile Barn, Newbury 1841-1919

Sarah Herring nee Harvey, Norwich, Norfolk 1785-1828

John Henderson  the Actor, 1747-1785

Jane Hendersion nee Figgins, 17??-18??

Walter R Herv? (Herve) Minature Portrait Painter

John Hesketh of Warrington, 1690-1771

John Hesketh Wine Merchant, Oporto, Portugal, 1750-1815

Louisa Ann Hesketh nee Beete Oporto, Portugal, 1768-1799

Robert Hesketh, Consul in Brazil, 1789-1868

Georgiana Hesketh (nee Raynford), 18??-1910

John Hesketh Consul in Brazil, 1791-1838

William Hesketh Consul in Brazil, 1794-1856

Spenser Bold Hesketh 1853-????

Henry Hesketh 1831-1901

Peter Holland of Knutsford, Cheshire. Surgeon, 1766-1855

Mary Holland of Knutsford, Cheshire, 1792-1877

Sir Henry Holland, Doctor, 1788-1873

Margaret Emma Holland (nee Caldwell), 1792-1830

Henry Thurstan Holland 1st Vis, Lord Knutsford, 1825-1914

Rev Francis James Holland, 1828-1907

Mary Sibylla Holland nee Lyall 1836-1891

Bernard Henry Holland, 1856-1926

Francis Caldwell Holland, 1865-1948

Michael James Holland, 1870-1956

Marion Ada Flora Holland (nee Broadwood), 1887-1969

David Cuthbert Lyall Holland  Librarian, 1915-2007

Capt Charles Hopkins ????-1757

Phyllis (or Phillis) Hopkins, died 1794 or 1795

Col Charles Hopkins 1740-1809

Caroline Hutton (nee Crompton), 1793-????

Lucy Ursula Houghton (nee Harrison) 1884-1931

The artist and engraver Johann Gerhard Huck 1759-1811

Admiral Sir Edward Hughes who died 1794

Millicent Evelyn Cecilia G Inglefield (nee Crompton), 1866?-1950

Sir Walter Innes, 13??-14??

Amelia Alicia Anne Isaac, 1849-19??

Arthur Whitmore Isaac, 1873-1916

John Edmund Valentine Isaac 1880-1915

Margaret Bride Johnson (nee Heath), born 1903.

John Jones of Kington, Hereford 17??-1768.

Henry Jones of Pakenham, Suffolk 1751-1836

Anthony Jones, Surgeon, Bildeston, Suffolk, 1764-1832

Mary Jones nee Mumford, Hitcham, Suffolk, 17??-1834

Rev Charles Jones of Pakenham, Suffolk, 1793-1866

Robert Jones, Surgeon, Melford, Suffolk, 1800-1855

Richard Jones, Surgeon, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1814-1888

Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham), Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1801-1866.  Diary of Elizabeth Jones, Fincham, Swaffham, Stoke Ferry in Norfolk, Coulsdon in Surrey, Bath in Avon.

Rev Charles William Jones of Pakenham, Sussex, 1830ish?-1906

Rev Harry Jones MA 1830ish to 1900ish

Richard Stanley Jones, Engineer at Aldemaston, 1908?-1979

Sarah Klinkowstrom (1772?-1838, nee Cuthbert, Brooke) of England, Italy, Sweden, Finaland.

Arthur Wilhelm Klinckowstrom of Finland,1807-1860

Mary Killingley (nee Heath), 1762-1814

Rebecca Long (nee Burton) 16??-1720

William Long, 16??-1723

Mary Long (nee Mead), 16??-17??

Hannah-Adelaide Loring (nee Marsh), 1829?-1859

John Loring, 1854-19??

Arthur Henry Loring, 1855-1931

Nele Loring, 1857-1931

Rev Alfred Lyall 1796-1865

Margaret Eleanor Malden (nee Whatman), 1852-1919

Maldred, son of " Crinan the Thane," 1004-1066

Mary Maltby nee Harvey, 17??-18??

Alice Angelet Maquire (nee Helsham-Jones), 1886-1953

William Atte Mershe (Marsh), of Marton in East Langdon, Kent, 1380ish-14??

Thomas Marsh, of East Langdon, Kent, 14??-15??

William Marsh, of East Langdon, Kent, 14??-15??

John Marsh the elder, of East Langdon, Kent, 14??-1545?

Robert Marsh, the elder, of Marton, East Langdon, Kent 15??-1600

Francis Marsh, of East Langdon and later of Sandwich, 1581-1656?

Francis Marsh MA, Perpetual Curate of Guston, near Dover, Kent. Curate of River and Lydden, 1614-16??

Francis Marsh, of Titchfield, Hampshire, 1643-17??

George Marsh, of Chatham and Sheerness Dockyards, Kent, 1683-17??

Elizabeth Marsh (nee Milbourne),1687-17??

Milbourne Marsh, of Chatham, Kent, 1709-1779

Katharine Marsh, of Rochester Kent, 17??-1801?

George Marsh, Navy Commissioner, 1722-1800.  Letters of George MarshDiary of George Marsh, Towry Family, Marsh family Memorials in the Church of St Mary Magdalene Gillingham Kent, Letters relating to the Marsh Crisp and Shee families

Ann Marsh (nee Long), 1720-1784

Maj Francis Millbourne Marsh, 90th Regiment of Foot, 1738-1782

John Marsh, Commissioner, Comptroller and Chairman of the Victualling Board, 1747-1823. Diary 1800.

Lucy Marsh (nee Gosling, Gostling) 1759-1845

George Marsh, the Younger, Proctor in Doctor's Commons, 1749-1790

William Marsh, Banker, 1755-1846.  Letters of William MarshDiary of William Marsh for 1823-24.

Amelia Marsh (nee Cuthbert), 1765-1793

Francis Marsh nee Graham 1770-1805

Arthur Cuthbert Marsh, Eastbury Park, Herts, 1786-1849

Anne Caldwell, then Anne Marsh then Anne Marsh Caldwell, Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire, Author, 1791-1874. Deacons Estate, Surrey.  Eastbury Estate, Herts.  Books published by Anne Marsh CaldwellLetters and notes of James Caldwell and Anne Marsh Caldwell: 1780-1809 1810-219 1820-29 1830-38 1839 1843 1844 1845 1846-47 1848-55 1856-74 .  Diaries of Anne Marsh Caldwell: 1805-08 1807-08 1808-09 1810-12 1811 1835-47 1843-50 Notes relating to the Milman family

Amelia Marsh, 1788-1861

John Milbourne Marsh, Postmaster General of Jamaica,1787-1826

George Augustus Eliott Marsh MA, Rector of Bangor Iscoed Monachorum, 1790-1867.  Bible of Rev George Augustus Eliott Marsh.

George Marsh, Wine Merchant of Mossel Bay, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, 1795-1868

Georgina Nelson Marsh, 1801-1861

Samuel Marsh, Norwood, London, 1813-1884

Eliza Louisa Marsh Caldwell, Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire, 1818-1913. Diary of Elisa Lousia Marsh-Caldwell.

John Augustus Milbourne Marsh, Magistrate in Sydney, Australia, 1820-1891.  1838 1840, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1847b, 1848, 1851, 1859, 1873, 1885, 1888, 1889, 1889b. Diary Lady Mary Anne Meek nee Grant.

Georgina Amelia Marsh Caldwell, Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire,1820-1900

Rosamund Jane Marsh Caldwell, Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire,1823-1911

Maj Augustus Leacock Marsh, 55th Regiment, 1823-1876

George Morrison Marsh of Bangor 1824?-1895

Martin William James Marsh, Eastbury Park, Herts, 1826-1846

William Wheeler Marsh (de Marisco), of South Africa and Switzerland, 18??-1896

Arthur Henry Marsh, of South Africa, 1837-1876

Egbert Bletterman Marsh, of South Africa, 1837-1922

William Ernest Marsh, of London and Bromley, 1847- after 1912 

George Augustus Milbourne Marsh of Sydney, Australia, 1848-1932

Margaret (possibly Elizabeth) Morrison (nee Duval, 1738?-1903)

John Milbourne (Senior), 16??-16??

John Milbourne (Junior), 16??-1722

William Miller, Minister Greyfriars Edinburgh, 1674?-1732

Dr John Moore 1730-1802

Jean Moore (nee Simson), 1730-1820

Lieut-General Sir John Moore, 1761-1809

James Carrick Moore, 1762-1860

Harriet Moore nee Henderson 1779-1866

Adm Sir Graham Moore, 1764-1843

John Carrick Moore 1805-1898

Graham Francis Moore  who took on the name Graham Michel Esmeade 1806-1883

Elizabeth Morrison (nee Duval), 17??-18??

 Sir James William Morrison, Deputy Master of the Mint, 1773?-1856

Sarah Morrison nee Harvey, 1767-1828

Professor Charles Morthland, of University of Glasgow, 16??-1744

Robina Morthland (nee Brisbane), 16??-16??

Mathew Morthland, Rhindmuir, Old Monkland, Lanark, North Britain, Lawyer, 17??-17??

Anna Morthland (nee Simson), 1720-1802

Catherine Sybylia Mostyn (nee Holland), 1903-1983

Sir John Napier of Merchiston, Mathematician, 1550-1617

Agnes Napier (nee Chisholm), 15??-16??

Thomas Montgomery Palmer, Ireland, 1823-????

Frederick Thomas Palmer 1858-1890

Dr Joseph Mansergh Palmer, Ireland, Surgeon, 1850-1924

Georgina Palmer (nee Hartford), Ireland, 1846-1940

Vice Admiral Alexander Robinson Palmer 1879-19??

Rev. Frederick Thomas Montgomery Palmer Australia,1888-1975

Norah Violet Palmer nee Gerard Australia, 1911-2009

Helen Mary Pugh (nee Maquire), 1925-2005

Rosa Ranking nee Harvey,1805-1865

Sir Thomas Ranulph Earl of Moray, 12??-13??

Charles Raynsford of Rio De Janeiro, 17??-18??

Willam Stanley Roscoe, 1782-1843

Hannah Eliza Roscoe, (nee Caldwell), 1785-1854

William Caldwell Roscoe, 1823-1859

Francis James Roscoe, Canada, 1829-1878

William Malin Roscoe, 1857-1915

Hugh Rose, Kilravock, 15??-15??

Catherine Rose (nee Falconer), Kilravock, 15??-15??

Hamilton Maria Sandford (nee Hesketh), 1845-1895

Joan Alesta Sarll (nee Heath), 1918-1991

Onley Savill Onley or Stisted, Essex, 1795-1890

Caroline Mary Savill Onley nee Harvey, 1797-1845

Mary Frances Margaret Seely (nee Collins), 1905-1987

Sir William Seton, Pitmedden, 16??-16??

Andrew Simson 1520-1590ish

Violet Simson nee Adamson 1537-1592

Patrick Simson, 1556-1618

Adam Simson, 1594-1642

Patrick Simson, 1628-1715

John Simson, 1667-1740

James Simson Glasgow and London, 1729-1777

Lady Elizabeth Shee, (nee Crisp),1765?-1838

Sir George Shee, Dunmore Galway and of Mudeford House, 1784-1870

Joseph Skerrett 1745?-1832

Margaret Skerrett (nee Caldwell) 1749?-1805

Gen Richard Smith of the Honourable East India Company, 1734?-1803

Catherine Sparling nee Palmer 1853-1898

John Spearman, Lawyer of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1645-1703

Gervase Spencer  artist and painter of miniature portraits, 1715?-1763

John Stamford (or Thomas Stamford), Derby, 1690ish-17??

Thomas Stamford (the younger), Derby, Engineer and Hosier, 1712-1787

Hannah Stamford (nee Crompton), Derby, 1720-1788.  Almanack belonging to Hannah Stamford

Hannah Stamford, Linley Wood, Talk, Staffordshire, 1753-1832

Joan Sarll nee Heath, 1918-1991

Robert S. Tait Portrait Painter of London

Augusta Trelawney nee Harvey (Augusta Lady Goring)1807-1875

Elizabeth Tresilian, 1769?-1838

Thomas Urquhart, Birdsyards, 16??-17??

Mary Dorothea Vesey (nee Loring) 1884-1966

Lucy Genevieve Teresa Ward 1837-1922 actress and singer

Emma Jane Whatman (nee Heath), 1821-1884

George Dunbar Whatman 1846-1923

William Wheasenham, 16??-17??

King William of Scotland, 1143-1214

Francis Lucy Wise nee Marsh, of Australia, 1819?-1889 Diary of George Foster Wise (1814-1897).

Janet Muriel Wood (nee Broadwood), 1895-1989

Jemima Wyburd (nee Corbould), 1840-1913

Leonard Francis Wyburd 1865-1958


Portrait drawing of Elizabeth Caldwell nee Stamford of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England 1755-1831
Click for more information
Elizabeth Caldwell nee Stamford



Portrait of James Stamford Caldwell MA of Linley Wood 1787-1858 Click for more information
James Stamford Caldwell



The Caldwell home of Linley Wood in Staffordshire
Click for more infomation
Linley Wood


Portrait of Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA 1818-1897
Click for more information
Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton



Portrait of Frances Mary Crofton nee Marsh 1819-1906
Click for more information
Francis Mary Crofton nee Marsh



Portrait of Abraham Crompton of Chorley Hall, Lancashire
Click for more information
Abraham Crompton



Portrait of Robert Crow (Crowe) of Swaffham Norfolk England 1710-1786 by John Theodore Heins
Click for more information
Rorbert Crowe



Portrait of Rev Henry Crowe 1769-1851 Vicar of Buckingham
Click for more information
Rev Henry Crowe



Portrait of John Cuthbert painted around 1700 possibly John Cuthbert of Castle Hill
Click for more information
John Cuthbert



Portrait of Mrs John Cuthbert painted around 1700 possibly wife of John Cuthbert of Castle Hill
Click for more information
Mrs John Cuthbert



Portrait of Arthur Cuthbert of Berners St London and Woodcote (Woodcott) Hall Epsom Surrey 1734?-1788
Click for more information
ur Cuthbert


Portrait of Sophia Cuthbert 1777?-1857 Wife of James Ramsey Cuthbert 1776-1821
Click for more information
ophia Cuthbert


Portrait of Rev Robert Forby MA 1759-1825 of Fincham Norfolk
Click for more information
Robert Forby



John Graham of the East India Company Calcutta 1741-1775 click for more information
John Graham


Mary Graham nee Shewen 1737-1798 click for more details
Mary Graham nee Shewen


Portrait of John Harvey of Norwich and later of Ipswich 1699-1750 by John Theodore Heins
Click for more information
John Harvey



Portrait of Peter Harvey of Norwich 1709-1751 by John Theodore Heins
Click for more information
Peter Harvey



Portrait of Elizabeth Harvey nee Blyford 1718?-1741 of Norwich by John Theordore Heins
Click for more information
Elizabeth Harvey nee Blyford



Portrait of Robert Harvey of Watton Norfok 1753-1820
Click for more information
Robert Harvey of Watton



Portrait of Maj Gen Sir Robert John Harvey 1785-1860
Of Mousewood House Norfolk
Click for more information
Maj Gen Sir Robert John Harvey



Portrait of Edward Kerrison Harvey 1826-1906 of Montague House South Lowestoft & Grey Friars Norwich
Click for more information
Edward Kerrison Harvey



Portrait of James Heath ARA the engraver 1757-1834
Click for more information
James Heath ARA


Perkins Fairman & Heath Perkins & Heath Perkins Bacon & Petch Perkins Bacon & Co Ltd printers of the Penny Black postage stamp Click for more information
Penny Black


Portrait of George Heath Serjeant at Law of Kitlands Holmwood Surrey England and 34 Montague Place Russel Square London England 1779-1852
Click for larger image
George Heath



Portrait of Rev John Moore Heath of Milland Liphook Hampshire England 1808-1882
Click for more information
Rev Jo
hn Moore Heath


Portrait of Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath of Moorhurst and later Anstie Grange Holmwood Surrey England 
Click for more information
Adm Sir Leopold George Heath



Miniature portrait of Mary Emma Lady Heath nee Marsh
1826-1902 of Anstie Grange Holmwood Surrey
Click for more information
Mary Emma Lady Heath



Portrait of Maj Gen Frederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell CB RE 1858-1945 Of Linley Wood Talke Staffordshire
Click for more information
ederick Crofton Heath-Caldwell


Portrait of Constance Mary Helsham Heath-Caldwell
nee Helsham-Jones of Linley Wood Talke Staffordshire
Click for more information
Constance Helsham Heath-Caldwell



Portrait photograph of Capt Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell RN DSC 1889-1979
Click for more information
Cuthbert Helsham


Portrait photograph of Martin Frederick Heath-Caldwell
Click for more information
Martin Frederick Heath-Caldwell



The Heath Family Engravers By John Heath
Click for more information
Heath Family Engravers


Miniature portrait of Henry Helsham Surgeon and Apothecary Doctor of Stoke Ferry Norfolk 1767-1806
Click for more information
Henry Helsham



Portrait photograph of Col Henry Helsham Helsham-Jones RE 1836-1920 Of Holmwood Surrey
Click for more information
Col Henr
y Helsham Jones


Photographic portrait of Elizabeth Jane Jones nee Hesketh 1842-1869
Click for more information.
Elizabeth Jane Jones nee Hesketh



John Hesketh of Opoto and Liverpool 1750-1815 click for more info
John Hesketh


Silouette portrait miniature of Lousia Ann Hesketh nee Beete of Oporto Portugal 1768-1799
Click for more information
Louisa Ann Hesketh nee Beete 1768-1799


Portrait of Robert Hesketh British Consul in Rio De Janeiro Brazil 1789-1868
Click for more information
Robert Hesketh



Miniature portrait of Georgiana Hesketh (nee Raynsford)
1819-1910 of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and later of Southampton in England
Click for more information
Georgiana Hesketh nee Raynford



Portrait miniature of Col Charles Hopkins of the East India Company 1740-1809. Click for more information.
Col Charles Hopkins



Portrait of Dr Richard Jones 1814?-1888 Surgeon of Woodbridge in Suffolk
Click for more information
Dr Richard Jo


Photographic portrait of Elizabeth Jones nee Helsham 1801-1866
Click for more information
Elizabeth Jones nee Helsham



Portrait of George Marsh 1722-1800 Commissioner of the Navy. By Johann Gerhard Huck 1790.
Click for more information
George Marsh



Miniature portrait of William Marsh 1755-1846 Banker of Knightsbridge in the County of Middlesex  then of York Gate Regents Park England
Click for more information
William Marsh



Amelia Marsh nee Cuthbert Of Willie House Hampshire England 1765?-1793
Click for more information
Amelia Marsh nee Cuthbert



Portrait of Amelia Marsh 1788-1861 London
Click for more information
Amelia Marsh



Arthur Cuthbert Marsh of Eastbury Park Hertfordshire England 1786-1849
Click for more information
Arthur Cuthbert


Anne Marsh Caldwell the Author of Linley Wood Talk Staffordshire England also of Eastbury and Deacons 1791-1874
Click for more information
Anne Marsh Caldwell



Miniature portrait of Eliza Lousia Marsh-Caldwell (known as ELouisa and later as Aunt Missings); 8 July,1818 - 29 March, 1913.
Click for more information
Elizabeth Marsh


Portrait of Martin William James Marsh 1826?-1846 of Merton College Oxford University
Click for more information
Martin Marsh



Miniature portrait of Lieut-General Sir John Moore 1761-1809
Click for larger image
Lt Gen Sir John Moore



Portrait drawing of Georgina Berlinda Palmer nee Hartford 1846-1940 of Armagh Ireland
Click for more information
Georgina Berlinda Palmer



Portrait of Hannah Elizabeth Roscoe nee Caldwell
Click for more information
ah Roscoe nee Caldwell


Portrait of Hannah Stamford of Linley Wood Talke Staffordshire England 1753-1832
Click for more information
Hannah Stamford


List of Associated Information

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Miniature portrait of two young girls by an artist painter G Conjugi R. Who was G Conjugi?

Who was Major MacBeen of Jamaica ?

Wood & Caldwell of Burslem.  Pottery manufacturers 1790-1818.  Go to www.woodandcaldwell.info

Archive of Letters 1843-1892 relating to Lloyds Insurance London

Jan Van Goyen Dutch Artist



List of Bookplates

Bookplates: Alpe families

Bookplates: Caldwell families

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Bookplates: Crofton families

Bookplates: Crompton families

Bookplates: Crowe (Crow) families

Bookplates: Cuthbert families

Bookplates: Dashwood families

Bookplates: Dalton families

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Bookplates: Hesketh families

Bookplates: Holland families

Bookplates: Jones families

Bookplates: Long families

Bookplates: Marsh families

Bookplates: Moore families

Bookplates: Roscoe familes

Bookplates: Stamford familes



Bookplate of James Caldwell 1759-1838
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Bookplate James Caldwell


Bookplate James Stamford Caldwell 1787-1858 of Linley Wood in Staffordshire
Click for more information

Bookplate James Stamford Caldwell


Bookplate Henry Coape 1703?-1778 of Duffield Derby

Bookplate Henry Coape

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