Philip Alpe of Fransham Parva, Norfolk

Born: 1678ish and died 19 April 1735 aged 57.
Son of: Robert Alpe (1653?-1702) and Priscilla Alpe (nee Pretheroe, ?-1695).
Brother of:
1. Robert Alpe (1687?-?) of Garveston  who married Mary Alpe (nee Pretheroe, ?-1755).
2. Richard Alpe of London Mercer.
3. Ann Pigge (nee Alpe) who married Thomas Pigge of Great Fransham.
4. Priscilla Alpe (1681?-?).
5. Judith Alpe.
6. Sarah Alpe.
Philip married: Alice Alpe (nee Hammond, ?-1753) daughter of John Hammond of Beeston.
Philip and Alice had issue:
1. Hammond Alpe (1709?-1767) of Fransham Parva  who married Mary Alpe (nee Heard, 1748?-1801).
2. Philip Alpe.
3. Alice Crowe (nee Alpe, ?-1777) who married Robert Crowe (?-1786).
4. Priscilla Alpe (1722-1768 or 1788) who married married Rev John Wilson in 1750.  They had at least one child, another Rev John Wilson, who married the daughter of Rev Benjamin Crofts, Rector of Gressenhall.
5. Possibly others.

Philip Alpe: An Overview

We know of Philip Alpe only from a note on the Alpe family tree, recorded in "Harleian Society East Anglian Pedigrees" (pages 3 & 4), a copy of which is in the Suffolk Record Office in Ipswich. 


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