William Alpe of Dunham
Mid 1500s - 1613?

Born: mid 1500s and died around 1613, buried at Dunham.
Son of: Thomas Alpe.
Brother of: not known.
William married: Mary.
William and Mary had issue:
1. Richard Alpe (?-1645?) and Ann Alpe.
2. Henry Alpe (1574?-?) of Litcham  who married Katherine Alpe (nee Bateman) at Dunham Parva in 1599.
3. Phillip Alpe (?-1649?) of Little Fransham, who married Elizabeth.
4. Amy Alpe (1579-?).


William Alpe: An Overview

We know of William Alpe from the following sources:
1. A note on the Alpe family tree, recorded in "Harleian Society East Anglian Pedigrees" (pages 3 & 4), a copy of which is in the Suffolk Record Office in Ipswich. 


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