Portrait of Daniel Bloor
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Daniel Bloor

Born: 1828 in Keele and died 20 April 1905 in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire.
Son of: Thomas Bloor (1803-18??) and Catherine.
Brother of:
1. John Bloor (1826-?) who married Dinah.
2. Mary Bloor (1831-?).
3. Thomas Bloor (1837-?) who married Sarah.
4. George Bloor (1843-?) who married Mary Lawton.
5. Jane Bloor (1848-?).
Daniel married: Susannah Matthews (1827-1889) in 1849 in Wolstanton, Staffordshire, .
Daniel and Susannah had issue:
1. Hannah Bloor.
2. Harriet Bloor.
3. Alan Bloor.
4. Catherine Bloor (1850-?).
5. Mary Bloor (1851-?).
6. Selena Bloor (1853-?).
7. John Bloor (1856-?).
8. Richard Bloor (1859-?).
9. Louisa Griffiths (nee Bloor) (1859-?).
10. Edward Allen Bloor (1861-1946) who married Ellen Osborne (1866-1954).
10. Daniel Bloor (1866-?).
11. Thomas Bloor (1867-?).

Edward Bloor: An Overview

I know very little about Edward Bloor except for a family photograph and a family tree.

For more information about the Bloor family, please visit the Bloor Society website www.bloor.org

If you have any information to add to what is listed please contact me on jj@jjhc.info
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