Book Plate of James Stamford Caldwell
of Linley Wood, Talke, Staffordshire, England

Niti Facere Experiri (Trusted to act with experience)

Books with this bookplate all originated from the Linley Wood library.  Some of these books were distributed among family members in 1913 but the majority were dispersed in 1949 when Capt CH Heath-Caldwell sold the Linley Wood estate.  At this time some of the more valuable books were sent for auction at Sothebys however the majority were sold at the auction of the contents of the house which was held at Linley Wood.  I have over the years been able to buy back a number of these books which have come up for sale on the internet.  If you have any books with this bookplate I would be very pleased to hear from you (

Two other bookplates belonging to James Stamford Caldwell are know however these have to date never been found inside any of his books.  All his books from the Linley Wood library have the bookplate above or a very similar version.

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