Elizabeth Caldwell
Lived in Nantwich, Cheshire

Born: 1766? and was buried in Nantwich having died June 10 1842 aged 76.
Daughter of: James Caldwell (of Scotland) and Hannah Caldwell (nee Armstrong).
Sister of:
1. Margaret Skerrett (nee Caldwell, 1749?-1805) who married Joseph Skerrett (1745?-1832).
2. Ann Caldwell (1758?-1826).
3. James Caldwell of Linley Wood (1759-1838) who married Elizabeth Stamford.

Elizabeth Caldwell: An Overview

We know of Elizabeth from two sources; Anne Marsh-Caldwell's diary and her grave in Nantwich.  There also existed in the family a piece of embrodery done by Elizabeth in 1777 when she would have been about 11 years old.  Unfortunately its present whereabouts are not known.

A human soul without Education is like Marble in the Quarry.


Whatsoever Convenience may be thought to be in Falshood and Dissimulation, it is soon over but the inconvenience of it is perpetual because it brings a man under an everlasting jealousy and Suspicion, so that he is not believed when he speaks Truth nor trusted when perhaps he means Honest



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