Rev Henry Crowe
of Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk, England

Born: 1741 and died 10 March 1816.
Son of: Robert Crow (?-1786) and Alice Crow (nee Alp) (?-1777)
Brother of:
1. Robert Crowe (1734-?).
2. Priscilla Crowe (1736-1739?).
3. Edward Crowe (1738-1742).
4. Catherine Crowe (1743-1769).
5. Philip Crowe (1744?-1745).
6. Philip Crowe (1745-1828) who married Margaret (17?-1834).
Henry married: Elizabeth Haylett (17?-1779) and later married Mary Smith.
Henry and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Caroline D???? (nee Crowe, 1768-1848?) who married General D???? (Dorkins, Donkiss, Dawkins?).
2. Rev Henry Crowe (1769-1851).
3. Robert Crowe (1771-1807).
4. Katharine Helsham (nee Crowe, 1773-1816, Catharine) who married Henry Helsham (1767-1806).
5. Edward Crowe (1776-1788).

Rev Henry Crowe: An Overview

We know of  Henry Crowe from the following sources:
1. A note compiled by Ann Manley 2003 referring to a note in the Gentleman's Magazine.
2. A brief mention in the diary of his grandaughter Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham) which reads as follows:
3. A copy of part of his will from the Publick Records Office at Kew.
4. A note on the wall of St Mary's Church, Burnham Deepdale, which records Henry as Rector 1766-1816.

Elizabeth Jones's diary reads as follows:
My grandfather Crowe was a remarkably handsome man with the most polished manners of the old school and of a character to be universally respected as well as loved.  He was a great favorite with Mr Coke's (Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester) youngest daughter, afterwards Lady Elizabeth Stanhope, and always treated with the most marked attention by all the family and their guests (he was the domestic chaplain to Thomas Coke), even to Royalty.  Nor, however Holkham might be, was his apartment ever taken from him.  I believe my grandmother was well suited to him but she died early leaving him with five children and for their sakes rather than his own probably, he married a second time Mary Smith, a daughter of the Rector of Burnham Westgate and where he was resident, there being no Parsonage House at Deepdale in those days. ...  My grandfather Crowe was on terms of intimacy with many families in the western and central parts of Norfolk, Rolfes, Thylemans, Davies, Hastes, Henleys (Sandringham), Alpes (Hardingham), Mr Petre (Westwick) etc. etc. but perhaps there were not many of my mothers standing amongst them, for her early friends seem to have been principally the Martins and the Weatherheads of Sedgeford Rectory.  One of the last named, Mrs Robert Green of Lynn, kept up with what intercourse circumstances allowed. ...

The note by Ann Manley is as follows:
Cambridge University Alumni : CROWE, HENRY. Adm. pensioner (age 17) at CHRIST's, Mar 18, 1758. Son of Robert. Born at Swaffham, Norfolk. School, Norwich. Matric. Michs. 1758; Scholar, 1759; B.A. 1762; M.A. (Clare) 1765. Fellow of Clare 1763. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Jan. 27, 1765; priest, Feb. 1766; Curate of Brancaster, Norfolk, 1766. Rector of Burnham Deepdale, 1766-1816. Rector of Woolverton (or Wolfterton), 1768-1816. Rector of Caldecot, 1785. Rector of Billingford, 1811-16. On the Commission of the Peace. Died Mar. 10, 1816, aged 75. Father of the next. ([Sources:] Peile, II, 264; Bloomefield, 'Norwich Benefices'; G. Mag.).


Crowe family seal
possibly belonging to Robert Crowe but more likely belonging to one of his sons or grandsons


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