Robert Crow
of Swaffham, Norfolk, England

Born: 1687? and died in 1725, aged 38, and was buried in Swaffham, 25 May 1725.
Son of: not known
Brother of: not known.
Robert married: 15 April 1709, Anna Bodham (1690-1727).
Robert and Anna had issue:
1. Robert Crow (1710-1786) who married Alice Alpe (1713?-1776).
2. Elizabeth Dalton (nee Crow, 1712-1797) who married Francis Dalton (?-1767).  Graves inside the church at Swaffham.
3. Edward Crow (1714-1715).
4. Anna Miller (nee Crow, 1717-1791) who married John Matthias Miller.  Grave inside the church in Swaffham, 20 June 1791.
5. Philip Crow (1718?-1737). Grave inside the church at Swaffham, 28 August 1737.
6. Rebecca Crow (1723-1723).
7. Dorcas Crowe (1725-1792).  Grave inside the church in Swaffham, 17 September 1792.

Robert Crow: An Overview

We know of Robert Crow from the following sources:
1. Notes compiled by Ann Manley, 2003, referenced to the Swaffham Parish Registers 1471576.
2. His grave stone inside the Church at Swaffham.

We have no other information on the above Robert Crowe.

There does exist a hand written note passed down in the family, written by Christ Crowe.  This is in the form of a Magistrates Warrant and so perhaps Christ Crowe was a Magistrate.  It is dated 1703 and the address is Bilney Square.  The hand writing is very difficult to read and even his name may not be correct.  I have no idea if this Christ Crowe is related to the above Robert Crowe.

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