Alexander Dunbar
of Scotland
1373-1421 (or 1422)

Born: early 1373 and died 1421 or 1422.
Son of: John Dunbar (1330?-1393?) and Marjorie daughter of King Robert II
Brother of:
1. Thomas Dunbar Earl of Moray.
2. Euffame, who married Alexander of Cumyne of Alter.
3. Mabella, who married Robert Earl of Sutherland.
Alexander married: Maude Fraser.
Alexander and Maude had issue:
1. James Dunbar Earl of Moray (14??-1442), and Isabel Dunbar (nee Innes).

Alexander Dunbar: An Overview

We know about Alexander from the book "Records of the Heath Family", by George Heath 1907.  The entry is as follows:

Alexander, the second son of John, Earl of Moray, who was born 1373, married about 1399, Maude Fraser, the heiress of Frendraught, and by her had a son and successor James, who afterwards succeeded his cousin Thomas in the Earldom of Moray.  On the 21st September, 1393, "Thomas de Dunbar, as procurator for a nobleman, Alexander Dunbar, his brother german, renounced all right to the Maison Dieu at Elgin".
Alexander died 1421-2, and was succeeded by his son James Dunbar of Frendraught.


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