Susan Forby nee Harvey

Born: 1732 and died May 1st, 1824, aged 92.
Parents: Robert Harvey (1700-1756) and Mary Harvey (nee Wheasenham, 1701?-1777).
Sister of:
1. Robert Harvey (who possibly had a son William?).
2. Dr William Harvey (1732-1803), Surgeon in the Navy.
3. Mary (?-1784).
4. Elizabeth (?-1798).
5. Ann Helsham nee Harvey (1731?-1793) who married Dr Henry Linhooke Helsham MD (1730-1805).
Susan married: Thomas Forby
Susan and Thomas had issue:
1. Robert Forby (1759-1825).
2. Martha (1761-1828).
3. Susan Webb nee Forby who married Capt Webb.
4. Mary Millers nee Forby (17??-1845) who married Rev George Millers.

Susan Forby: An Overview

The information I have about Susan comes from the following sources:

1. The diary of her sister's grandaughter Elizabeth Jones (nee Helsham) who makes reference to her.



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