Miniature Portrait of Thomas Graham 1752-1719 of Kinross Scotland.  Click for larger image.

Thomas Graham Esq

Of India and later of Kinross in Scotland

Miniature Portrait of Robert Graham 1752-1819 of Kinross Scotland Painted by the artist Henry Edridge 1768-1821 painter. Click for larger image.

Born: 1752 and died 1819.
Son of: John Graham of Edinburgh and his second wife Helen Graham nee Mayne (sister of Robert and William Mayne). 
Brother of:
1. John Graham (1741-1775) who married Mary Shewen (1737?-1798).
2. Possibly a Robert Graham (1751-????).  His wife Mrs Graham was painted in 1781.  They had no children.
3. Jean Park nee Graham (17??-1801) who married Lieut-Colonel Park of Lochern.  They had no children.
Half brother of:
4. George Graham (1730-1801) son of John Graham and his first wife Anges MacFarlane.
Thomas married: Ann Paul.       
Thomas and Ann had issue :
1. Anna Maria Templer nee Graham.
2. Helen Montgomery nee Graham who married Sir James Montgomery (1766-1839 ).
3. Thomas Henry Graham (killed by pirates).

Thomas Graham: An Overview

We know of Thomas from the following sources:
1. The book; History of Parliament, The House of Commons, 1754-1790, by Sir Lewis Namier & John Brooke.  Published 1964.
2. His miniature portrait and the portraits of his relatives.  Christies Auction Catalogue, Kinross House, 30 March 2011.
3. A note in the 'Book of the Graemes and Grahams' by Louisa Grace Graeme.
4. The Graham family website (


Sir William Mayne, who was the brother of his mother Helen Graham, helped to get appointments for both Thomas and his brother John  to work for the East India company in India.

Thomas Graham lived at Benares in India.  In the East India Company he was a Bengal Civil Servant and a member of the Board of Revenue.  He was also a partner in the private firm of Thomas Graham, John Mowbray, Robert Graham and William Skirrow.

Thomas's elder half brother George, had initially gone to Jamaica where he worked as a planter but after 1770 he also went to India (also helped by his uncle Sir William Mayne) and joined his two younger half brothers Thomas and John.  They all appear to have made lots of money.  On his return to England George worked as a merchant in London and later in 1777 he bought Kinross house in Scotland.  George had an illegitimate son James Graham but James did not inheriet Kinross House.  Instead it passed to John's brother Thomas Graham.  After Thomas's death in 1819 the estate passed to his daughter Helen who had married Sir James Montgomery.

From the 'Book of the Graemes and Grahams' by Louisa Grace Graeme, we have the following:

Thomas Graham the fourth and youngest son of John Graham of Kernock (Helen's third son) was born on the 5th October 1752, he also went to India and was member of the Supreme Council of Bengal; he married Ann Paul, a daughter of Henry Paul, Esq.; Mr Strangeways writes of her and her sister (who became the wife of George Templer Esq., of Shapwick, Devon, which estate he purchased from the Rolls on his re-turn from India) they were the most beautiful women ever married in India.

Thomas, on his return from India with his wife Ann Paul, bought the Manor of Burleigh and also succeeded to the estate of Kinross from his half-brother George Graham (as mentioned on pages 597-8).  An only son and two daughters were born of the marriage, the son born in 1784 was brought up by his aunt, Mrs Templer of Shapwick, he unfortunately lost his life in 1808 when on his way to India at the taking of the 'Kent'.

Thomas Graham, who had by that date inherited Kinross, left that estate to whichever of his two daughters should first have a son; both married; the eldest, Ann, became the wife of her cousin the Rev. G. H. Templer, Rector of Shapwick (son of George Templer and the lovely Miss Paul), their daughter was named Sophia and married H. Strangeways, Esq., and has issue. The younger daughter of Mr Graham of Kinross and Ann Paul was Helen, she married Sir James Montgomerie of Stobo Castle, Baronet and M.P. for Perthshire, and becoming the mother of a son brought the estate of Kinross to the Montgomeries of Stobo Castle, who thus represent the Grahams of Kinross

Miniature Portrait of Thomas Graham 1752-1819 By Samuel Andrews 1767-1807. Click for more details.
Thomas Grahame


Miniature Portrait of Ann Graham nee Paul Wife of Robert Graham of Kinross Scotland Painted by the artist George Engleheart 1750-1729. Click for larger image.
Ann Graham nee Paul


Portrait of Helen Lady Montgomery nee Graham 17??-1828 Daughter of Robert Graham of Kinross Scotland. Click for larger image.
Helen Graham Lady Montgomery

Miniature Portrait of Sir James Montgomery 1766-1839 Painted by the artist Ricard Cosway 1742-1821 painter. Click for larger image.
Sir James Montgomery


Miniature Portrait of Anna Maria Templer nee Graham 17??-1849 Painted by the artist Andrew Plimer 1763-1837. Click for larger image.
Anna Maria Templer neeGraham

Kinross House in Scotland home of the Graham and Montgomery families 
 Kinross House, Scotland

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