John Harvey, Ensign of the 82nd Foot Regiment


Portrait of Colonel John Edmund Harvey
By George Clint
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Born: 1822? and died 1874?
Son of: Maj Gen Sir Robert John Harvey (1785-1860) and Charlotte Mary Lady Harvey (1793- 1869).
Brother of :
1. Julia Sutton nee Harvey (1816-1893) who married 1st Capt Samuel Ives Sutton (1807-1850) son of Adm Sutton of Ditchingham. Julia married 2nd Peter Wells (see Norfok Portraits, Vol 2, page 171).
2. Sir Robert John Harvey (1817-1870).
3. Emma Harvey (18??-1895) who married Rev Henry Churchman Long, Rector of Newton and Swainsthorpe, son of Rev C Long of Dunston Hall (see Norfok Portraits, Vol 2, page 171).
4. Maria Frances Harvey (1821-1845).
5. Charles Onley Harvey (18??-1824).
6. Edward Kerrison Harvey (1826-1906) who married 1st: Emma Susanna Chevallier (1828-1886), 2nd: Sophia Elizabeth Beevor (1843-1924).
7. Archibald Harvey (18??-1827).
John does not appear to have married.

John Harvey: An Overview

The information I have about Robert comes from the following sources:

1. His portrait

It would appear that John was mentaly unstable and never married.

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