Jeremy James Heath-Caldwell
(known as JJ)
Born 1959

Many visitors to this website have asked "who is JJ Heath-Caldwell" and "how am I related to many of the people listed on this family history site".  Here is a brief overview.

Portrait photograph of J J Heath-Caldwell or Jeremy James Heath-Caldwell

My parents are: James Alexander Heath-Caldwell (born 1930) and Dora Ann Jones (born 1935).  

My paternal grandparents were: Rev Capt Cuthbert Helsham Heath-Caldwell DSC RN (1889-1979) and Violet Charlotte Mary Palmer (1885-1971).

My maternal grandparents were: Richard Stanley Jones (19??-1979) and Dora Bloor (1906-1990).

I have a sister Hilary Diana Heath-Caldwell (born 1957) and a brother Michael Daniel Heath-Caldwell (born 1961).

I was born in 1959 in New Zealand, and was brought up there, going to school in Stratford and Wanganui.  I completed a BSc in Physics at Otago University in Dunedin and then left New Zealand in 1980 on a one year working holiday, taking up a job as an Electronics Engineer.  In some ways I am still on my working holiday, having had a brief period of working in Egypt and Oman in the early 1980s followed by a fairly settled time in the UK.  I am a Chartered Engineer and have spent much of my life in the electronics industry however these days I run an internet business which consists of a website that provides a national network of Surveyors and other Property Professionals, see .  In 1989 I married my wife Sue and we have one child a son named Daniel (born 1992).

I do from time to time give talks about some of my various ancestors and their relatives.  If this is of interest please contact me.  Talks to date include the following:
Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath.  Coldharbour Historical Society, Surrey.  February 2007.
James Caldwell of Linley Wood.  Audley Historical Society, Staffordshire.  4 January 2008.
Anne Marsh Caldwell.  Coldharbour Historical Society, Surrey.  25 January 2008.
Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath.  Dorking Historical Society, Surrey.  3 June 2008.
Anne Marsh Caldwell. Ewhurst Historical Society, Surrey.  Tuesday 16 September 2008.
James Caldwell of Linley Wood.  Newcastle Borough Museum.  Wednesday 12 November 2008.
Heath family.  Reunion of descendents of George Heath (1847-1923), Painswick, Sunday 21 June 2009.
Caldwell Family.  Nantwich Museum, Cheshire.  Wednesday 8th July 2009.

One of the reasons behind setting up this family history website was that I wanted to find out more about how the internet worked.  By the year 2000 the internet had not yet become part of everyone’s life but it was easy to see how much of an effect it was going to have and in particular the way that it was allowing people to easily source obscure information.

A few years later I was operating as a Sales & Marketing consultant and a friend of mine asked if I could help him with his Surveying business.  He was operating from an office and had over a ten year period built up a network of Building Surveyors covering the UK.  He was a ‘middle man’ in that he placed adverts in the Yellow Pages and customers from all over the UK would telephone his office and book a survey.  He in turn would then contact the nearest Surveyor covering the area and place an order for the Survey to be done.  The customer would be happy, the surveyor was happy and my friend who owned the business took a proportion of the order value on each job and so he of course was also happy.  At the time many businesses operated in this way even though the process was often slow and expensive.  Of course customers really wanted to place orders directly with suppliers but it was often very difficult to find a local supplier and hence the reason that the ‘middle man’ company was able to flourish.

While helping my friend out I was speaking to one of his customers who was looking for a Surveyor.  This customer did not want to work through a ‘middle man’ company.  He said ‘What I want is a website for building surveys that operates directly.   I just want to put my property details and my contact details into it and then I want it to immediately come up with half a dozen sets of estimates directly from Surveyors.  I then want to be able to contact the Surveyors directly and I want them to be able to contact me directly’.

Afterwards I mulled this over and then thought, what an exceedingly good idea!  I could see that with the rapid take up of the internet it would become much easier for customers to make direct contact with suppliers.  All that was missing were the specialised websites that would make this possible.

The idea behind Local Surveyors Direct came to me around this time and together with three other partners we formed the company and went on to launch the website in March 2005.  Initially we just offered Building Surveys and the system was populated by a number of Building Surveyors who were happy to participate on a no obligation basis.  Luckily the system did actually work and customers started finding suppliers directly through the website.  The Surveyors started getting orders and once they were confident they started paying for the service.  From May onwards we started receiving cheques  in the mail and our new business model was proven.

From our small start with Building Surveys and Homebuyer Surveys we have increased the number of services steadily year by year.  Following on from our initial success we then added some of the other specialist services provided by Building Surveyors such as Boundary Disputes, Party Wall Awards, Schedules of Condition, Rent Reviews etc.  Architectural design, which is often provided by Surveyors, was added and Architects soon also started joining the network.  We then added Structural Engineers who were often called in to investigate problems with subsidence in unstable buildings.  Subsidence is often caused by drainage problems and so Drainage Surveys were added and this bought in drainage contractors who carry out CCTV inspections but actually spend most of their time unblocking blocked drains.  Many older buildings have unsafe electrics and so people were also asking for Electrical Surveys performed by registered Electricians.  Property built before 1990 often contains asbestos materials and so Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removal was added to the website.  The advent of the infamous Home Information Pack (HIP) created a whole new group of people providing this service and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which was an integral part of it.  The change of Government in early 2010 brought the HIP to a hasty end but the EPC has of course continued.  The addition of Conveyancing, Estate Agents, Letting Agents and Mortgages has now completed the website as a one stop shop for all the main services associated with buying and selling properties and many of the peripheral services relating to maintaining houses and buildings.  We are still continuing to add services (interior design, utility switching, renewable energy, security & alarms, floor plans, expert witness,  . . . etc).

I still get a lot of pleasure out of seeing my family history website grow and from seeing the Local Surveyors Direct business grow.  One is my job and one is my hobby but the distinction between the two is sometimes a bit blurred.

My UK telephone number is 01962 761 565.  My email address is

I am also involved with Rotary ( and the Clarendon Marathon ( ) and the Winchester Swim (


If you are in the process of buying or selling property then a good website to look at is Local Surveyors Direct.  It is a price comparision website which will give you lists of estimates and contact details from people who can help you.  There is also a wide range of services for property maintenance.  Other associated websites include Local Electricians Direct and Local Architects Direct and Local Conveyancing Direct.

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