John Heath

Born: 1762 and died 1814
Son of:  William Heath (1725-1786) and Mary Heath (nee Hartray).
Brother of:
1. Sarah Heath (1747-1827).
2. William Heath (1749-before1785) who married in 1771 Dorothy Jeffs.
3. Hannah Heath (1757-????).
4. Joseph Heath (1758-????).
5. Elizabeth Heath (1759-1852, known as Betsy.
6. Mary Killingley (nee Heath, 1762-1814) who married Thomas Killingley (1759-????).
7. Joseph Heath (1764-1844) who married Susanna Sophia Willis (1766-1852).
8. Hannah (1767-????).
John married:
1st Palethorpe? 
2nd Elizabeth Joanna Field in 1787.
John and Palethorpe had issue:
1. John Palethorpe Heath (Chemist in Nottingham) who married Eliza Heath (nee Killingley, 1785-1812).
2. Hannah Maria Bernard (nee Heath, 1782-1865) who married Thomas Bernard.
John and Elizabeth had issue:
3. William Prentice Heath (1788-????).
4. Edmund Field Heath (1782-????) who married Ann.
5. James Tullock Heath.
6. Caroline Eliza Williams (nee Heath) who married Thomas Sydney Williams.  Married in 1814 in Beeston, Nottingham.


John Heath: An Overview

We know about John from the following sources:

1. A family tree researched and put together by Sheila Howells and Pamela Roberts.
2. John Heath was described in Edmund Sydney Williams's diary as a hosiery manufacturer who lived in Beeston.  Thomas Sydney later married his daughter, Caroline.


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