William Heath Hosier
Possibly Sherrif of Nottingham in 1774-1775

Born: 1725 and died 1786.
Son of: Joseph Heath and Hannah Heath of Nottingham.
Brother of:
1. George Heath (1724-1773), bookbinder who married Mrs Mary Jacob.
2. Joseph Heath (junior, ?-1789), bookseller, of Nottingham, who married Mary.
3. Hannah (1729-?) who married John Stanley, 25 October 1763.
4. Possibly a John Heath (1734-?).
William married: Mary Hartray in 1746..
William and Mary had issue:
1. Sarah Heath (1747-1827).
2. William Heath (1749- died before1785) who married in 1771 Dorothy Jeffs.  William was possibly High Sherrif of Nottingham in 1774-1775 but he would have been a bit too young.
3. John Heath (1754-????) who married 1st Palethorpe? and 2nd in 1787 ?Elizabeth Joanna Field.
4. Hannah Heath (1757-????).
5. Joseph Heath (1758-????).
6. Elizabeth Heath (1759-1852, known as Betsy.
7. Mary Killingley (nee Heath, 1762-1814) who married Thomas Killingley (1759-????).
8. Joseph Heath (1764-1844) who married Susanna Sophia Willis (1766-1852).
9. Hannah (1767-????).


William Heath: An Overview

We know about William from the following sources:

1. A note written by George Nicholas Heath, 1974.
2. A family tree researched and put together by Sheila Howells and Pamela Roberts.
3. A mention on a list of voters in 1774 (see below).


AN EXACT LIST OF THE Burgessess and Freeholders,
Of the Town and Country of the Town of NOTTINGHAM;
At the ELECTION of TWO BURGESSES, To serve in PARLIAMENT for the said Town. 
Taken on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th of OCTOBER 1774. 
At the BOOTH erected in the Market Place for that Purpose, by Adjournement from a Room in the Change.

The Right Hon. EDWARD BENTINCK, Esq; commonly called Lord Edward Bentinck; and
Sir Charles Sedley, of Nutthall, Bart.

Printed by GEORGE BURBAGE, for S. CRESWELL, and G. BURBAGE; also sold by Mr WARD, and Mr HEATH, booksellers in Nottingham. 1774.

The note then goes on to list all the Burgesses and Freeholders and in each case how many votes they gave to each of the candidates.
This included the following persons with the name Heath:

John Heath (Freeholder), victualler, Castlegate and William Newbury, tenant.  17 votes for Bentinck.
William Heath, senior, hosier, Parliament Street.  1 vote for Howe.
Joseph Heath, stationer, Timber Hill.  2 votes for Howe and 1 vote for Bentinck.
Matthew Heath, baker, St James Lane.  2 votes for Bentinck and 1 vote for Sedley.


The following people with the name Heath are recorded as holding the office of Sherrif of Nottingham.

1769/70 Joseph Heath, Joseph Oldknow
1774/75 Ralph Newman, William Heath
1785/86 John Heath, George Dodson Jnr.
1789/90 Joseph Hurst Lowe, Joseph Heath


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