Miniature portrait of John Hesketh 1750-1825 possibly by the artist Richard Crosse 1742-1810 painter

John Hesketh
Wine Merchant of Oporto, Portugal

Bookplate of 
  John  Hesketh  1750-1815  wine  merchant of Porto in Portugal and Liverpool in England. Click for larger image.

Born: in 1750 in Liverpool and died in 1815.
Son of: Robert Hesketh (1720-1793), a Liverpool Wine Merchant, who was the son of John Hesketh (1690-1771) of Warrington.
Brother of:
1. not known
John married: Louisa Ann Beete 26 Nov 1786 in British Factory Chaplaincy, Oporto, Porto, Portugal.  She was born Abt. 1768, and died 10 Mar 1799 in Oporto, Portugal.
John and Louisa had issue:
1. Catherine Hesketh (1787-1788).
2. Louisa Hesketh (1789-1845).
3. Robert Hesketh (1789-1868) who married Georgiana Raynsford (1819-1910).
4. John Hesketh (1791-1838) who married Margarida (1807-1838).
5. Mary Ann Hesketh (1793-1856).
6. William Hesketh (1794-1856).
7. Henry Hesketh (1796-1856) of California.
8. Harriet Hesketh (1797-1833).
9. Thomas Hesketh (1798-1840) of Liverpool.

 John Hesketh: An Overview

We know about John Hesketh from the excellent book 'Our Men in Brazil, The Hesketh Brothers Abroad' by Ian Sargen, published by Scotforth Books, 2009.  Copies can be bought by emailing Ian Sargen on .

John Hesketh was the son of Robert Hesketh (1719-1793) and his wife Catherine (née Holding). He had an elder sister (Margaret), a younger sister (Sarah), and two brothers, James and Edward.

In about 1770, he went out to Porto, Portugal, to work as a wine exporter. He very quickly exported great quantities of port wine to the British Isles. One of his most regular customers was his father, who was a wine merchant in Liverpool. Originally working on his own, he eventually became part of Offley, Campion, and Hesketh & Co.

In 1786, he married Louisa Ann Beete, and they had nine children: Catherine (who died in infancy), Robert and Louisa (twins), John, Mary Ann, William, Henry, Harriet, and Thomas. Shortly after Thomas's birth, Louisa died, and was buried in Porto.

In 1807, John brought his motherless family back to Liverpool, when Napoleon's armies invaded Portugal. He lived in retirement in Liverpool until his death just short of his 65th. birthday in 1815.



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