Spenser Bold Hesketh

Born: 23 April 1853 and died after 1890.
Son of: Robert Hesketh (179?-1868) and Georgiana Raynsford (18??-1910).
Brother of:
1. Robert Raynsford Hesketh (1837-1854).  Ensign 22nd Madras Native Infantry, died in India.
2. William Crosbie Hesketh (1839-????), Lieutenant in the Royal Marine Artillery.
3. George Hesketh (1840- after 1861), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
4. Eliza Jane Jones (nee Hesketh, 1842-1869) who married Capt Henry Helsham Jones.
5. Henry John Hesketh (1843-1871), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
6. Hamilton Maria Sandford nee Hesketh (1845-1895, known as Hammie) who married in 1867 George Edward Langham Somerset Sandford, Capt Royal Engineers, later Lieut General.
7. Georgiana Sarah Hesketh (1846-19??, known as Netta).  Never married.
8. Hanbury Bold Hesketh (1848-1852).
9 Mary Sophie Hesketh (1853-195?, known as Sophie).  Never married.  Born 23 April 1853 and lived to be over 100.
10. Harriet Lucy Hesketh (1854-19??, known as Harrietta).  Never married.
11. Earnest Johnston Hesketh (1856-????).
12. Harold Owen Hesketh (1857-1876).

It is not know if Spenser married and whether he had any children.

 Spenser Bold Hesketh: An Overview

From his military record we know that Spenser joined the Royal Navy as a cadet, 9 May 1867, at the age of 14.  He was commissioned in 1873 but retired with the rank of Lieutenant in 1878.  He then appears to have gone to Australia as in 1885 at the age of 31 he is a Lieutenant on the Australian ship Gayundah.  Unfortunately due to some financial irregularities he was court marshalled in 1887 for "conduct unbecoming an officer".  He later worked for the Surveyor General in Queensland as  a Trig Surveyor but nothing is known of him after 1890.

The circumstances surrounding his court marshall are mentioned in the book 'Colonial Volunteers' by Bob Nicholls.


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