Lucy Ursula Houghton nee Harrison

Born: 1884 and died 1931
Daughter of of: Commander Matthew James Harrison RN and Lucy Wedgwood (1846-1919).
Sister of:
1. Geoffrey Richard Harrison (1876-1882).
2. Lt Comd Thomas Edmund Harrison (1879-1914), who married Maud Winifred Harrison (nee Godman. 1881-1962).
3. Ann Dorothea Gooch (nee Harrison, 1877-1950), known as Nancy, who married Maj John Sherlock Gooch (1865-1929) known as Jack.
4. Lt. Commander George Basil Harrison (1882-1915).
Lucy married: Arthur Case Houghton (1866-1936).
Lucy and Arthur had issue:
1. Basil
2. Kay
3. Daphne
4. Phyllis

Lucy Ursula Houghton nee Harrison: An Overview


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