Baron Vilhelm (Artturi Vilhelm) Klinckowström
(Arthur Wilhelm Klinckowström)

Born: 8 May 1807 at Stockholm - born before the marriage of his parents but legitimated in 1822 by a dispensation from the monarch; d 29 November 1860 at Helsinki, Finland.
Son of: Sarah Klinkowström nee Cuthbert (1772 or 1776 - 1838) and her second husband Otto Vilhelm Klinkowström.
Half brother of:
1. Louisa Cuthbert Armfelt (nee Brooke, 1801-1865)
Vilhem married:
Miss Emelie (Lovisa Emilia) Haasse (b 1812-10-30, d 1868-07-12 at Hiiskola, Vihti, Finland); daughter of Dr.Med. Juhana Henrikki Fredrik Haasse, and his wife Dorotea Kaarina Bartram.
Vilhelm and Emelie had issue:
1. Baron Artturi Eemeli Vilhelm Klinckowström, 3.Baron of Vuojoki (born 8 October 1835 at Helsinki, Finland; died 15 January 1883 at Helsinki, Finland), farmer, businerssman; married (11 July 1859 at Stockholm) mamsel Maria Ottilia Hedberg (born 23 May 1834 Stockholm; died 15 January 1900 at Pirkkala, Finland).
2. Baron Aleksanteri Fredrik Vilhelm Klinckowström (born 21 April 1837 at Helsinki, Finland; died 16 February 1863 at Helsinki, Finland), unmarried.


Baron Vilhelm (Artturi Vilhelm) Klinckowström: An Overview

We know about Vilhelm from the following sources:
1. ELGENSTIERNA, vol IV, ref: Klinckowström (I have not seen this).


Military officer and in Life Guard of imperials and grand ducals, Major-General.



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