For Sale:  Archive of Letters 1843-1892 relating to Lloyds Insurance London. 


These items do not relate to my family history interests but I am sure there will be someone somewhere who would be pleased to have them. There are 17 items all together and these can be purchased for UK pounds 250 plus delivery. Alternatively if you would like to buy some but not all then let me know and I will work out a price. If you would like more photos please contact me on 01962 761 565 or email me at

Most of the itmes seem to relate to the insuring of Ships and their cargos but there are also a few assurance policies on the life of a person. Looks like they have been removed from a company letter book and as a result there are two letters that are missing a small part of their left hand edge. Most are in reasonably good condition and some still have the original postage stamps. I have typed out a brief resume of the contents. In many cases the spelling is hard to decipher so I have given it my best shot. These are as follows: 

1.        Single sheet of paper labelled '25 March 1847 Royal Exchange Vincents Policy'.  This is a letter.  It appears to have been sent from R P Steele of the Royal Exchange and is addressed to Mr Earle Solicitor Andover.  Appears to say 'If the divisions made for Mr Vincent's Utensils and Stock in Trade are not approved you will please inform me before delivering the policy'.  The outside has a postmark Paid and a second postmark confirming that it was received in Andover.

2.       Letter headed Lloyd's EC 5 Sept 18.  Addressed to Mr Hibbert who is presumably Hubert Hibbert.  'Your letter with cheques enclosed came duly to hand.  Business here has been very quiet but I am glad to say I have no serious losses to report . . . The Giltwood (which you have just paid) was a most unfortunate affair.  She was a splendid new union vessel bound from Liverpool to Melbourne on her first voyage, all hands perished.  There is a heavy loss just reported today viz the Sarpedon (Lamport & Holt steamer) from China to London foundered off Ushant but at present we do not know of anything in her . . .  The sender's name is difficult to read but looks like Daniel.

3.       Envelope from Weguelin Paul & Col and Lloyds, 6 1/2 Austin Friars.  Addressed to Hubert Hibbert Esq, Beachmore Park, Upton on Severn.  Penny Red postage stamp with London postmark of 31 August 1877 and a postmark for Upton upon Severn, 1 Sept 1877.

4.       Insurance Policy.  Life of another.  Eagle Insurance Company.  Person proposing to effect the assurance is William Henry Rowe (or Rouse) no 26 Pasley Street, Morice Town, Devonport, Devon.  Allan Belfield Bone and John Bone are the lives on a leasehold house purchased by William Henry Rowe in in month of January 1867.  John Bone of 4 Park Place, Stoke, Devonport.  James Glencross of Park Place, Stoke, Devonport, Chemist.  Looks like William Henry Rowe was born 30 Dec 1802 at Stoke Damerel, Devonport.  He lived in Ceylon from 1825 to 1837.  The value is for 200.  Signed by the above and dated 7 March 1867.  The document has been posted through the post and has three 1 penny red stamps and a Deveonport post mark of March 1867.  Addressed to the Secretary Eagle Insurance Company, 3 Crescent, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars London.  Large sheet in all 400mm x 500mm.

5.       Letter to Messers W Broad & Sons, Lloyds Agents, Falmouth.  From Young Harrison & Bevan, 15 May 1872.  Dear Sir, we received your telegram advising the arrival of the Burgomeister Steinberg.  . . . Order Burgomeister Steinberg to proceed to Liverpool Master to apply there to Archibald Glassford 14 Canning Place .  . .  On the outside there is a 1 penny red postage stamp with the profile of Queen Victoria. The postmarks are London 15 May 1872 and Falmouth 16 May 1872.

6.       Short note from London Assurance Corporation, Rutland Street, Limerick.  Addressed updated to 120 George Street.  6 Nov 1848.  Dear Sir, Enclosed you have assignment of Policy to Mr H N Seymour.  Yours truly John Seymour.

7.       Small postage wrapper.  Addressed to Mr EE Peck, Bristol.  From Lloyd's Register of British & Foreign Shipping.  One Penny red postage stamp, Queen Victoria.  1853.

8.       Small postage wrapper.  Addressed from Lloyds to The Bergen's Bo'rs, Bergen.  Half penny stamp with Queen Victoria, pink.

9.       Fire Insurance Policy.  The Liverpool & London Globe Insurance Company Established 1836.  Augustus Hamilton Johnston Esq 4250.  Premium 3:15:0.  On the building of the private dwelling house and offices communicating situated No 22 Draycott Place, Chelsea, London.  Richard Jeffereys Necolls of Kingston Rectory, Granttiauo, Leicester, Clerk in Holy Orders and Henry John Wright of No 68 Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea, London, Builder.  From 28 July 1892 to 29 Sept 1893.  There is a later note saying that the beneficial interest is to go to Mrs May Villers Stuart of 22 Draycott Place, SW.  Large document 400mm x 500mm.

10.   Letter from William R Robinson of Robinson & Fleming, 21 Austinfriars, to Messers G & A Gordon, Dundee.  1 January 1850.   I beg leave to inform you that the Firm of W R Robinson has terminated . . . take into partnership Mr John Fleming of Dundee who has had several years of experience of this port . . .   The sheet is missing the far left hand edge of the sheet.  Two pence blue Victoria stamp.  Sold.

11.   Letter 8 June 1849 to Messers G & A Gordon, Dundee, from William R Robinson.  We have . . . this morning your . . . & favour of the 6th instant order of insurance on I Love Goods from Digo to Arbroath, V Inition, D Young.  Thomas Chalmers Duncan which we have effected as P Invoice annexed at . . . You are aware that the Vospels Brunswick built an not considered so good as your own built ships . . . Lot of information here about difficulties of getting insurance cover.   Insurance was effected with the Marine Insurance Company for 24:11:8.  Triton Cap David Young from Riga to Arbroath.  Thomas Chalmers Capt Duncan.  Two pence blue Victoria stamp, not perforated.  Post mark Dundee and LS.  Sold.

12.   List of new subscribers from Lloyd's Register of Shipping.  Are these names?  Woollet & Nephew of Lime Street Square, Charles Tennant of Glasgow, James Henderson & Son Ship builders of Renfrew, Barclay & Ford of Jamaica, W Tinling of Grenada, Dumas & Wylie of Lloyds, Thomas Marwood Ship broker of Sunderland, Real Praca Do Commercio of Rio De Janerio, Laing Brothers of North Shields, Brown Glass & Co of Liverpool, James Wright of Lynn, Forbers Still & Co of George Street Mansion House, Thomas Restarick of Devenport, Henry Dundas of Lloyds, Henderson Mackirdy & Co of Calcutta, Farnworth & Jardine of Liverpool, Giannacopulo & Cochilani of Liverpool, Ritchie Steuart & Co of Bombay, Peter Rose of Demerara, La Reunion des Negocians Assureurs of Marseille, R Jolly & Son of Wapping, Brown Colebourne & Co of Liverpool, Little George & Co of Basinghall Street, RN Dale of Liverpool, Hill Brothers of Riga, Reiss & Co of China, Stevens Ham & Co of Plymouth, John Brunton of Sunderland, F Zucchelli of Venice.  The outside is addressed from Lloyds Register of British & Foreign Shipping to Messers George Malcolm & Son, Hull.  There is a very nice two penny blue stamp with Queen Victoria, nonperforated, lightly postmarked.  Postmark is LS 23 July 1852 and Hull 24 July 1852.

13.   Letter from Carson & Vilgour to Messers Aberdein & Gordon of Abroath.  Mentions Messers Blumenthal & Co.  Includes Venice calculations which presumably relates to a ship insurance.  The cover has 4 one penny red stamps unperforated, row A columns I, J, K, L.

14.   Letter from John Todd of W H Trumpler, London to Messers G H Gordon, Dundee.  17 July 1850.  Missing the left hand edge of the sheet.  The letter is something about shipping.  There is also an interesting table of Prices per ton of cargo.  Price Current of Jacobs Todd & Co Riga.  Flax, Hemp, Linseed, Wheat, Barley, Oats.  On the outside is a one penny red stamp of Queen Victoria,  Postmarked LS 17 July 1850 and 18 July Dundee.

15.   Letter from Robinson and Fleming of London to G & A Gordon of Dundee, 24 June 1850.  About insurance of 2350 on Flax N Tarbat Castle, Capt Pitree,  from Petersburg to Dundee.  Flax is in demand.  The other side contains an invoice for 10:18:8.  One penny postage stamp.  Postmark London and Dundee.  Sold.

16.   Letter from W R Robinson & John Fleming to Messers G & A Gordon of Dundee 30 March 1849.  Insurance of the Railway King from Memel to Arbroath.  650 insured for 5:1:0.  There are 2 One Penny stamps of Queen Victoria in red.  Postmarked London and Dundee.  Sold.

17.   Letter from J Meanwell? of Bristol to Mr Young, Insurance Broker, London, 4 Dec 1843.  Letter about insurance.  Mentions Messers Hill Evans & Williams of Worcester.