Margaret Eleanor Malden (nee Whatman)

Born: 1852 and died 1919.
Daughter of: Emma Jane Whatman (nee Heath,1821-1884), and William Godfrey Whatman (1819-1876).
Sister of:
1. George Dunbar Whatman (1846-1923) who married Francis Fuller (1850-1936).
2. Anne Whatman (1847-1870).
3. Edward Whatman (1850-1857).
4. Emma Louisa Forbes (nee Whatman, 1854-1945) who married Rev John Gregory Forbes (1848-1917).
5. Mary Whatman (1856-1857).
6. Col William Douglas Whatman (1860-1929) who married Anna Buxton (1868-1934).
Margaret married: 23 April 1879 Henry Malden (1849-1931), son of Prof Henry Elliott Maldern (1800-1876) and Georgina Augusta D. Maldern (nee Bethune, 18??-1888).
Margaret and Henry had issue:
1. Edward Elliot Maldern (1880-1946) who married Eleanor Margaret Charter (1893-1987).
2. Anne Douglas Maldern (1881-1961).
3. Helena Georgina Maldern (1882-1950s?).
4. Mary Joanna Maldern (1883-1960).
5. Emma Valentine Maldern (1885-1886).
6. Henry William Maldern (1886-?) who married 1st Evelyn Heaton Cannera (?-1944), 2nd Gwendoline Winifred Nelson (1897 - ?).
7. Robert Arthur Maldern (1888-1947).
8. Phillip Humfrey Maldern (1891-1962).
9. Raymond Bethune Dunbar Maldern (1894-1963) who married 1916 Zoe St.John Paliologus (1896-1979).

Margaret Eleanor Malden (nee Whatman): An Overview

Margaret is mentioned in the books "Records of the Heath Family" as a very keen family historian, however, while there is a lot of information about her Heath ancestors, there is no information about her Maldern descendents. 

I have recently received the following info from John Malden:

Margaret Eleanor Whatman (1852-1919) married 23/4/1879 Henry Elliot Malden (8/5/1849-1931) [Second son of Professor Henry Malden (1800-1876) professor of Greek at London University. H.E.M. was a historian of note, especially in Surrey]

Their children:

1 Edward Elliot Malden (23/2/1880-1946) married 1919 Eleanor Margaret Charter (1893-1987). Their children:

i Margaret Anne Malden b 1920 married O.Robert Lawson Thompson b 1915. Their children: a) Pamela Margaret Thompson b 1945 married John Morgan Williams b 1943. Their children A) Sarah Margaret Williams b 1975 & B) Philip Morgan Williams b 1977. b) Michael Lawson Thompson b 1947 married Beatrice Elisabeth Schumacher b 1949. Their children A) Christina Beatrice Thompson b 1978, B) Andrew Michael Thompson b 1980. c) Adrienne Helen Thompson b 1952.

ii Barbara Helen Malden b 1924 married John Edwin Denys Stringleman (1921-1995). Their children a) Hugh Edwin Stringleman b 1949 married 1972 Noelene Swinburne b 1950. Their children A) Jenni Marie Stringleman b 1972; B) Paul Edwin Stringleman b 1975; C) Eva Gabrielle Stringleman b 1980. b) James Graeme Stringleman b 1955 married Janelle Rosemary Hilton b 1958. Their children A) Samuel James Stringleman b 1989; B) Ali Rose Stringleman b 1992

iii Graeme Elliot Malden b 1928 married Elizabeth Margaret Temple Barker b 1932. Their child a) Anne Phillipa Malden b 1957 married Humphrey John Ilkin b 1957. Their children A) Frances May Ilkin b 1983; B) Zoe Jean Ilkin b 1986; C) Phoebe Rose Ilkin b 1991.

2 Anne Douglas Malden (2/1/1881 – 1961)

3 Helen Georgina Malden (11/6/1882 – 1950’s) 

4 Mary Joanna Malden (23/6/1883-1960)

5 Emma Valentine Malden (14/2/1885-6/5/1886)

Henry William Malden (16/9/1886 - ?) married (i) Evelyn Heaton Cannera d 1944 (ii) Gwendoline Winifred Nelson (1897 - ?)

6 Robert Arthur Malden (7/9/1888-1947)

7 Philip Humphrey Malden (23/9/1891-1962)

8 Raymond Bethune Dunbar Malden (18/5/1894-1963) married 1916 Zoe St.John Paliologus (1896-1979). Their children

i Monica Zoe Mary Malden (17/7/1918-1928); ii Beryl Rita Jeanne d’Arc Malden b 1920 married (i) Basil Berry (ii) Michael Jupe. iii Desmond Anthony Drinkwater Paliologus Malden b 1/6/1921 married 1945 Joyce Christine Naish b 23/1/1921. Their children a) Richard Philip Paliologus Malden b 1953 married 1981 Janet Mace b 1957.Their children A) Victoria Malden b 1989; B) Catherine Malden b 1991; C) Alexander Malden b 1996. b) Nicholas John Malden b 1954 married 1989 Cecilia Walsh. Their children A) Stephen Malden b 1990; B) Hannah Malden b 1991; C) Deborah Malden b 1993. c) Zoe Jane Malden b 1956 married 1984 Graham Munroe. Their children A) Robert Andrew Munro b 1986; B) David James Munroe b 1989. d) Melanie Anne Malden b 1961 married 1989 John Charles Downs b 1963. Their children A) Eleanor Downs b 1993; B) James Downs b 1994; C) John Henry Downs b 1997

Helen was a Church of England Deaconess ( who I met); Robert & Philip were Roman Catholic Priests and Raymond I think converted to Roman Catholicism.


Regarding Raymond Bethune Dunbar Malden I have received the following note from M Sinclair.

I can, with the greatest of pleasure, expand a little upon Raymond Bethune Dunbar Malden; and in so doing repay a very great deal of kindness.  He was the assistant headmaster of the Prep school, Skippers Hill Manor, I attended near Mayfield, Sussex, between 1945 and 1947.  He was a Roman Catholic in a Church of England setting, as was I.  I don't know whether he converted, or had always been Catholic; but my impression is the latter.  He had, as you report, two children; and kept photographs of them on the desk of his sitting-room at the school.  Desmond, the son, I was privileged to once meet.  He was in the RN, a lieutenant-commander I believe, and extraordinarily handsome.  The daughter, from her photograph, was very beautiful.  I think you may be mistaken about his impression always was that she was dead; and, after all, upon his retirement from the school in 1947, he was accepted at a seminary in Holland, was ordained, and became a missionary Father (I have an idea it was the White Fathers) in the Gold Coast, as Ghana was then known.  She, too, from a photograph, had been astonishingly beautiful.  I eventually became a merchant seaman, and he and I corresponded on and off for many years, myself  seeking friendly guidance and he providing it.  The last I saw (and heard) of him was a photograph of him in a Canadian newspaper, dressed in sandals and robe, trailing a Canadian bishop somewhere in the Gold Coast.



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