Portrait of Martin William James Marsh 1826-1846
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Martin William James Marsh

of Merton College, Oxford University

Portrait of Martin William James Marsh 1826-1846
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Born: 24 August 1825 and Christened 1 December 1825 at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London. 1826.  He died 10 August 1846 aged 20 in Athens, Greece.  He is was buried at the St Paul's Anglican Church in Athens, 11 August 1846 (recorded as age 21).
Son of: Arthur Cuthbert Marsh (1786-1849) and Anne Marsh (Marsh-Caldwell, nee Caldwell).
Brother of: 
1. Eliza Louisa Marsh-Caldwell (1818-1913).
2. Frances Mary Crofton (nee Marsh, 1819-1906) who married Maj Gen Richard Henry Crofton RA (1818-1897).
3. Georgina Amelia Marsh-Caldwell (1820-1900).
4. Rosamond Jane Marsh-Caldwell (1823-1911).
5. Arthur Marsh, who died an infant, (July to August 1824).
6. Lady Mary Emma Heath  (nee Marsh, 1826-1902) who married Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath (1817-1907).
7. Hannah-Adelaide Loring (nee Marsh, 1828-1859) who married Edward Henry Loring (1823?-1879).
Martin did not live long enough to marry and hence had no issue.

Martin Marsh: An Overview

The main information that we have about Martin is a large collection of family letters and a small family portrait.

Martin was educated at initially at home mainly by his mother.  He then went to Eton and in 1844 progressed on to Merton College at Oxford University.  In the summer of 1846 he went on a trip to Greece to study the antiquities.  He took with him a letter of introduction to Edward Masson (1800?-1873) who was the Attorney General of Greece.  Sadly Martin died in Athens 10 August 1846 possibly from a fever.  From his letters it is possible to get a picture of a young man full of promise for the future.  His loss must have been a very sorry one for his family.

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