Catherine Sybylia Mostyn nee Holland


Born: 1903 and died 1983.
Daughter of: Bernard Henry Holland (1856-1926) and Florence Helen Duckworth (18??-1933)
Sister of:
1. Christopher Bernard Holland (1898-19??).
2. Mary Verena Holland (1901-19??).
3. John Francis Holland (1906-19??).
4. Alfred Bernard Holland (1908-1953).
Catherine married: in 1924, George Anthony Mostyn (1898-1972), son of Hon. Harold Plantagenet Mostyn.
Catherine and George had issue:
1. Julliet. 
2. Richard.
3. Christopher.
4. Valentine Francis Damien.   
5. Vonna.

Catherine Sybylia Mostyne nee Holland: An Overview

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