Patrick Simson, Minister of Stirling

Born: in 1556 in Perth and died 18 March 1618 in Perth.
Son of: Andrew Simson (1520-1590ish) and Violet Adamson (1537-1592).
Brother of:
1. William Simson, Minister of Dumbarton.
2. Archibald Simson, Minister of Dalkeith.
Patrick Married:
1st Martha Barron (1565-1601), daughter of the Provost of Edinburgh.
2nd Miss Rollock
Patrick had issue:
1. James Simson.
2. Janet Simson.
3. ? Simson.
4. Isabel Simson.
5.  Lilias Simson (1590-1657).
6.  Adam Simson. (1594-1642).
7. Patrick Simson, Minister of New Abby, Dumfrieshire.


Patrick Simson: An Overview

We know about Patrick from the book "Records of the Carrick Moore Family" by George Heath, 1912. 

Patrick went to St Andrew's at the age of 14 and became a great Greek scholar.  Minister of Cramond near Edinburgh.  In 1590 he removed to Stirling.

I understand that there is series of articles by W J Couper but I have not read these yet.  
W. J. 'The Levitical family of Simson, 1 : The founding of the house, 1529(?); 2 : The family of Adam Simson, 1594-1771; 3 : Alexander, 1570(?)-1638, and his descendants'. Records of the Scottish Church History Society, 4 (1932), 119-37, 208-66. Publisher: Scottish Church History Society. ISSN 02645572.  The 1934 RSCHS contains Foupers part 4  'Final records, 4 : Families that failed'.

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